Classes: In addition to teaching countless wonderful students over the past 6 years, I have also watched my own children grow their self confidence, pride and skills while teaching them about clay and pottery. I believe that the arts, specifically pottery is an amazing opportunity for children of all ages to express themselves and gain a sense of accomplishment. You'd be amazed at what they are capable of...they still inspire me down new paths all the time!
I believe that the key to teaching children is to instill the understanding that all Art is beautiful if you express yourself from your heart...and in doing that, there are no mistakes!
Even though I do specialize in child/teen classes, I do offer adult classes as well!
What classes include: Students will have a blast learning the pottery wheel, wedging, sculpting and creating their own work based on pre-planned lessons...or tailored lessons based on individual interests. They will paint their own work, have pieces kilned  and of course bring them home at completion! All their materials, clay and paint are included in cost of class...there are no seperate material costs as are typical at other art studios.
Private In-Studio Lessons & Semi-Private Classes
  (1 child)      4 classes  (1 hour classes)  -$130  per child
  (2 children) 4 classes  (1 hour classes). - $95   per child
  (3 children) 4 classes  (1 hour classes). - $80   per child
  (4 children) 4 classes  (1 hour classes). - $75   per child
Homeschoolers or other Groups: I offer open enrollment homeschool
sessions that run mid week during the day.  Those sessions are 5 weeks long
and have a special schooling rate.  Max 6 students per class.
 Email for current schedule or to enroll in a class.
* Also, special scout troop clinics for badges available. or (248)946-0006 for info.
Kids Classes
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